Errors using pointers with Function in C

First of all I apologize, this is probably a simple question but I'm not very well versed in any coding. For this code, I need to use pointer syntax and define my own function to reverse a string. I'm not allowed to use strlen() in this situation. I've tried playing around with the pointers, but I always get the following errors:

incompatible type when assigning to type char[15] from type char

(I have to write this in pico, so I'm not exactly sure what line number it refers to. It appears to be somewhere around the point I call the strcmp() function

assignment makes integer from pointer without cast 

(This one appears to be when I define the s pointer in the function or around there)

Any and all help/troubleshooting ideas would be much appreciated. I'm using a gcc compiler, if that matters


char revcheck(char String[15]);

int main(void)
    char String[15];

    printf("Enter a string: \n");
    scanf(" %s", String);

    if (strcmp(String, "ENGR-awesome"))
        printf("That's Right!");
        String = revcheck(String);

    return 0;

char revcheck(char String[15])
    char Letter, *end, *s;
    end = strchr(String, '\0');
    s = String;
    while (end > s)
        Letter = &end;
    *end = *s;
    *s = Letter;

    return 0;


Your revcheck() returns a char. You are trying to assign that to a char[].

You should have your revcheck() return a char*:

char* revcheck(char String[15]);

First you should bear in mind that C-string is an array of chars, and can be represented as char*, a pointer to this array. So, revcheck should not return char. This is the string where the compiler gives the error:

String = revcheck(String);

revcheck can reverse the string in the String array itself (in place) without returning anything. (You can count the len yourself and then swap elements.)

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