why cookies are always disabled in IE 10

i am using


in JavaScript to determine whether cookies enabled or not on client. its working fine on all browsers except IE. Please help am i using wrong method for identifying about cookies is there something wrong with IE 10


The most reliable way I can think of to check whether cookies are enabled is to set a cookie in your response from the server in the first place, and check that it's set on the client via document.cookie. According to this answer to another question, there's no point in checking cookieEnabled, it doesn't provide correct information.

For instance, if your server includes this header in the response serving the page:

Set-Cookie: cc=1; Max-Age=3600

...then your JavaScript code can check like this:

if (/\bcc=/.test(document.cookie)) {
    // They appear to be enabled
} else {
    // Not so much

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