Refresh web page taking too long time to load

we are developing single installer web application for that we are using following technologies.

  1. wcf - named pipe binding.
  2. javascript, jquery.
  3. signalR
  4. mvc4

we have published the web application in iis 7.5 and os is windows 7.

here problem is while running the application 3 to 4 hours after that i can't do anything in my browser it is totally hanged.

few things I want to share to you,

  1. few cases we are hide and show the HTML in dom instead of removing.
  2. event handling - we are binding events but we don't check if the event already mapped with that element.
  3. signalR also one of my doubt. because it is pooling frequently.

right now if I get stuck with my browser I just restart my application pool.after that everything comes under my control.

so, can you please tell me why it is happening, might be my post is not clear but you can get some outlook


You could use Chrome Profiler (In dev tools > profiles) to look for potential memory leaks. A common cause of memory leaks is forgetting to unregister event listeners when they are not required any more. And as you mention binding, I think it's a lead to follow.

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