Transparency of UISearchDisplayController

Lately I've noticed a strange thing in my app. While I tap on UISearchBar and UISearchDiplayController starts its tasks you can see relics from the regular UITableView. It wouldn't be so annoying as the regular UITableView is freezed but when I use custom pull-to-refresh controller like SSPullToRefresh it's placed in inset of UITableView so it's always visible.

Also, it wouldn't be so eye catching if the status bar would be transculent but it's transparent and you can clearly see what's under the UISearchBar and Status Bar. So my question is: Is it possible to make UISearchBar and Status Bar opaque?

In latest version I'm using AMScrollingNavBar so this custom pull-to-refresh view has moved to the Status Bar but I guess if Status Bar is set to be Inferred it's the issue with UISearchBar.


Set UISearchBar style to Black.

Set StatusBar to Black.

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