How To Access a User Circle in Google+ Using Google+ API

I am trying to access/or check to see if a user has a certain page in his/her circle. I don't know for sure if there is a way to do that with the current Google+ API. Google has this endpoint for fetching people:

//which you replace with either:

GET or

It seems these are the only closest endpoints for me. Is there a way to achieve this? I already ask the user to let grant the app permissions to see her circles and the people in them but how do I get to see the exact circle like Following?

If anyone has an idea, please help me with this problem!

Thanks in advance!


There is no way to see what circle a person/page is in - Google has repeatedly stated that this information is not, and will not, be made available to anyone except the circle owner. All you can find out is who is in any circle that your application has been given access to.

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