How to create a Dynamic Formula in a Google Spreadsheet based on a dropdown?

I have a Google Spreadsheet of containing an Employee Schedule separated daily (each date has its own page). I need to create a SINGLE summary page with a drop down that will change a formula and display the results. I currently have the formulas setup so that each employee has their OWN page depending on the employee number that shows a quick summary of when they work for the entire month. I would like to compress that into a single sheet with a way to dynamically choose from a drop down what name to see.

Here's a link to the sheet:

And here's a direct link:

I'm Looking to change Cell A1 into a drop down that when selected will change the 744 Formulas to look for the selected name.

Current formula: =IF((COUNTIF('1'!B3:P3,"Katie"))=0,"","XX")

What i would like to accomplish: =IF((COUNTIF('1'!B3:P3,"DROP DOWN SELECTION FROM A1"))=0,"","XX")

Dropdown will always be a text name (Bob, Sally, Dave R, Adam, Kat, etc)

Any ideas?


Have you tried?


In this way you only need to change the value cell A1 of the sheet called 1.

As for a dropbox, DATA > VALIDATION - Range '1'!A1 - Criteria, select LIST WITH ITEMS

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