Using paging (Skip, Take) over multiple DbSets

I have an Entity Framework DbContext with two different DbSets.

In my view I am combining these two sets into the same view model and listing them in the same table.

I want to support table paging to be able to query only a page of records at a time sorted by a particular column. I can't see how to do this without reading all of the records from the database and then paging from memory.

For example, I want to be able to sort by date ascending since both tables have a date column. I could simply take the page size from both tables and then sort in memory but the problem comes into play when I am skipping records. I do not know how many to skip in each table since it depends on how many records are found in the other table.

Is there a way to manipulate Entity Framework to do this?


It is possible.

  • JOin them in the database (can be done in EF).
  • Project that (select new {}) into the final object
  • Order by, skip, take on that projection.

It will be crap performance wise but there is no way around that given you have a broken database model. It basically has to get a tempoary view of all rows for the SQL to find the first ones - that will be slow.

Your best bet is going to be to combine them with a stored procedure or view, and then map that sp/view into Entity Framework. Combing them on the client is going to kill performance - let the server do it for you; it is clearly a server side task.

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