Google Maps: "This API project is not authorized to use this API."

Recently I started coding a Google Maps service integration. I went ahead and generated an API Key associated with my business email account on bronze level. When I use the service sans API Key everything works swimmingly.

If I use the API Key parameter, with my API key generated in my developer console I get the error message:

This API project is not authorized to use this API.

The URL used to access maps is below:{origin_address}&destinations={destination_addresses}&mode=driving&language=en-US&sensor=false&key={APIKey}

How does one get the API Key to be authorized for v3 Maps JavaScript API. I am making the call as a raw post in the ASPX code behind to that address. It seems to me this used to work fine when I first started all this, now today all of the sudden I'm getting this error.

I need this to work since I will also be using places and that service seems to only work with the API Key. I would like to be able to have the key configured once and be done with it.


You'll need to enable each API you want to use.

The maps-javascript-API is one API, the DistanceMatrix-API(Webservice) another.

Go to the developer-console->API's and enable the Distance Matrix API

Note: this is only related to the DistanceMatrix-Webservice, when you use the DistanceMatrix-Service of the Javascript-API you don't need to enable this service.

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