How can I deploy a release signed apk to attached device using gradle?

I have a keystore file with two keys: one for debug build and another for release build type. So my gradle build script generates two apks on need. Now, to deploy the debug build apk android gradle plugin has installDebug task in it but how about deploying the release build apk? Andorid gradle plugin doesn't have any task like installRelease. How can I deploy the release build apk directly to the connected devices using gradle?


The Android Gradle Plugin already includes the installRelease task but if you don't see it probably there is a signing configuration problem.

From the documentation:

Finally, the plugin creates install/uninstall tasks for all build types (debug, release, test), as long as they can be installed (which requires signing).

You can try to figure out what's wrong with the signingReport task:

./gradlew signingReport

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