Cron job syntax debian

33 */27 * * * python /root/

Would the above snippet run every 27 hours and 33 minutes, or every 27 hours starting at 33 minutes past the hour?

If this doesn't make it run every 27 hours and 33 minutes, what is the proper syntax for that?


It doesn't run, because cron supports these ranges:

minutes: 0-59
hours: 0-23
days of month: 1-31
months: 1-12 or Jan-Dec
days of week: 0-6 or Sun-Sat

27 for hours is not supported. Anyhow it doesn't exist the 27th hour in a 24-hours day.

The first field is minutes, so would run at 33 minutes past the hour.

But the next field is the hour field and it is set to run every 27th hour of the day, or in other words, never.

you misunderstand the /, it would mean when the number is dividable by that number, for example */2 would mean every 2 mins because every 2 mins the number is even and is able to be divided by 2.

When you want to create something specific you need to add it manually comma separated, like for example

33 27,54 * * * python /root/

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