JavaScriptSerializer with Razor and ASPX engine

I am serializing a list object using the JavaScriptSerializer and assigning the result to a javascript object but when i use the aspx engine the quotes in the json string are considered as double quotes and working correct but when using razor engine the double quotes are printed as " and through exception.

How to resolve this?

My sample code.


var data = <%=JsonConverter.ConvertDataTabletoString()%>
var data = [{"No":"1","Name":"John"},{"No":"2","Name":"Smith"},  {"No":"3","Name":"Tomps"},{"No":"4","Name":"Hanar"},{"No":"5","Name":"Reek"}]`


var data = @JsonConverter.ConvertDataTabletoString()
var data = [{&quot;No&quot;:1,&quot;Name&quot;:&quot;Heer&quot;},{&quot;No&quot;:1,&quot;Name&quot;:&quot;Heer&quot;},{&quot;No&quot;:1,&quot;Name&quot;:&quot;Heer&quot;}]


Try using Html.Raw() to print out the code in the Razor view. That will stop the code from being HTML-escaped.



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