Kendo Grid Aggregate Sum Displaying Empty Footer

I am getting a footer with 0 value from this code. Anyone knows why please?


      @(Html.Kendo().Grid(Model).HtmlAttributes(New With {.class = "kendoGrid"}) _
        .Name("ExternalMailInvDetailsGrid") _
                         c.Bound(Function(p) p.Description)
                         c.Bound(Function(p) p.Quantity)
                         c.Bound(Function(p) p.UnitPrice)
                         c.Bound(Function(p) p.TotalPrice)
                         c.Bound(Function(p) p.GSTPrice).ClientFooterTemplate("#=sum#")

                 End Sub) _
                              .Pageable() _
                                          End Sub) _
.Scrollable() _
                    c.Ajax() _
                    .PageSize(8) _
                                        'agg.Add(Function(p) p.TotalPrice).Sum()
                                        agg.Add(Function(p) p.GSTPrice).Sum()

                                End Sub) _
                    '             g.Add(Function(p) p.TotalPrice)
                    '       End Sub)
            End Sub)



You will probably need to define the footer template in .ClientFooterTemplate in columns

you may want to refer to the kendo demo website

by adding another line of code: serveroperation(false) this code somehow magically works now.

I have also received a response from Telerik team and they reckon if i am binding kendo grid with the server side data, then i should use footertemplate instead of clientfootertemplate. Hopefully this will help someone.

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