JSOUP using Nodes to get specific text that is outside HTML tags

So, I've been using jSoup to parse a website for some metaData, which works great. The problem is that some of the important metaData that I need is not within any tags, and I don't know how to get it.

Here is an example of the data I would need to get from my URL:

<div class="newclass ">
                    <strong>Arist:</strong>&nbsp;Picasso Biggie <em>|</em>
                    <strong>Released:</strong>&nbsp;3 years ago <em>|</em>
                    <strong>Album:</strong>&nbsp;Picasso Biggie: The Big OneUp <em>|</em>                       
                    <strong>Producer:</strong>&nbsp;Various <em>|</em>                      
                    <strong>Featuring:</strong>&nbsp;Mount Kimbie <em>|</em>                                        

What I would be looking for in the html here are things like the artist "Picasso Biggie", the year it was released "3 years ago", and album "Picasso Biggie: The Big OneUp" etc.... I've looked into using nodes with jSoup, but I can only find a few examples and cannot figure out how to get jSoup to do what I'm looking for in particular.

This is the code I've tried and it returns nothing:

Document doc = Jsoup.connect(URL).get;
Elements dakss1 = doc.select(".newclass ");
for(Element dakss : rayz1) { 
     TextNode quill = (TextNode) rayz1.nextSibling().childNode(0);
     System.out.println("" + quill);

UPDATE: The answer by Shaowei Ling works great for getting all of the text outside of the tags, but I am wondering is there a way to specify only specific nodes, so I can only get specific words. For example instead of getting

    Picasso Biggie
    3 years ago
    Picasso Biggie: The Big OneUp
    Mount Kimbie

I only get:

3 years ago

if all I need is just the year the album was released?

UPDATE #2: Okay, to solve my second problem where I was parsing multiple items with the same HTML structure as above, I just went ahead and included the specific element I wanted in my selector query for jSoup. So, for example if I wanted to get the all the release dates for Picasso Biggies albums. This is the code I used:

    Document doc = Jsoup.connect(URL).get;
    Elements dakss1 = doc.select(".newclass p strong:contains(Released) ");
    for(Element dakss : dakss1) { 
         Node nodeWithReleaseDates =(Node) dakss.nextSibling();;
         System.out.println("" + nodeWithReleaseDates);

This went ahead and returned all the release dates I wanted for Picasso Biggie's various albums, as follows:

3 years ago
2 years ago 
7 months ago
1 month ago


In your question, there is an undefined variable rayz1.

The example code may help you. I have run it, it works.

    String html = 
            "<div class=\"newclass \">\n"
            + "        <div>\n"
            + "            <p>     \n"
            + "                    <strong>Arist:</strong>&nbsp;Picasso Biggie <em>|</em>\n"
            + "                    <strong>Released:</strong>&nbsp;3 years ago <em>|</em>\n"
            + "                    <strong>Album:</strong>&nbsp;Picasso Biggie: The Big OneUp <em>|</em>                       \n"
            + "                    <strong>Producer:</strong>&nbsp;Various <em>|</em>                      \n"
            + "                    <strong>Featuring:</strong>&nbsp;Mount Kimbie <em>|</em>                                        \n"
            + "            </p>\n"
            + "        </div>\n"
            + "</div>";
    Document doc = Jsoup.parse(html);
    Elements dakss1 = doc.select("div p strong");
    for (Node dakss : dakss1) {
        System.out.println(dakss.nextSibling().toString().replace("&nbsp;", "").trim());

The result would be:

    Picasso Biggie
    3 years ago
    Picasso Biggie: The Big OneUp
    Mount Kimbie

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