Marionette onShow not firing after rerender region view

I have a region, and I need to execute some code once the view is rendered. So the first time I call code that goes inside onShow in myView does the work.

The same piece of code doesn't work onRender or at initialize. The problem comes, when after a change in myView I call this.render() to reflect the changes. This time, "onShow" is not firing.

I think that I can trigger an event from the view, catch it at the parent view and call again to But it looks like a tricky solution, and I don't know if there could be a better way to manage this situation.


onShow callback is called only once when you insert your view into the region.

I think in your case you should use onDomRefresh. Marionette calls it when view is showed into region and when it is re-rendered (but only when it is showed already). So you can make all your DOM dependent code in it.

You can read more in docs:

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