How to convert rtf or docx to PDF server-side (without having OpenType fonts rasterized or substituted)

does anyone know of a tool that permits rtf/doc/docx conversion to pdf from C# ? These documents contain all sorts of fonts (TrueType or OpenType), and I am looking for a tool that will not rasterize the OpenTypes ones and render them rather accurately.

Many thanks in advance for any pointers !


have a look at Aspose.Words

It works server side and does not require Office Automation.

I've used it in a commercial project and it works really good. But it's a commercial component, so you need to pay for a license (which is not that cheap)

EDIT please have a look at this thread in the Aspose forum

I've used iTextSharp myself in a C# project recently, and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately, I'm not able to give you any example, as that would make a huge post (and the code is pretty confidential) :)

But here's the link to their site, if that helps:

Hope this fits your needs!

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