Parsing SOAP response using SAVON response.to_hash conversion method

I am having trouble parsing a SOAP response.

Here is my code:

require 'rubygems'
require 'savon'

client = ""

res = client.query_unpaid_assesments do |soap,wsse|
  soap.namespaces["xmlns:SOAP-ENV"] = ""
  soap.namespaces["xmlns:xsi"] = ""
  soap.namespaces["xmlns:xsd"] = ""


  soap.body = {:orderNumber => 111222333 }

response = Savon::Response#to_hash
hres = response.to_hash 
all_data = hres[:response][:asses_data][:date][:amount][:assesReference][:year][:cusOffCode][:serie][:number][:date][:time]

Here is the error that I am having:

undefined method to_hash for Savon::Response:Class (NoMethodError)

"res" is giving me xml response that I would like to have in hash.

I read previous related questions and they recommending to use response.to_hash , which I did and is throwing the error specified above. How can i get rid of this error and have my response into hash.

thanks for ur help

I forgot to post the body of the xml response that I would like to parse:

<ns203:assesData xmlns:ns203="">


I believe you need to be trying to #to_hash res itself, the returned Savon::Response object, instead of the Savon::Response class.

So hres = res.to_hash should work.

An example I found (at the end of here: should give you the idea.

class SavonBankCode
  def self.zip_code(bank_code)
    client = Shootout.endpoints[:bank_code][:uri]
    response = client.get_bank { |soap| soap.body = { "wsdl:blz" => bank_code } }

An alternative would be to parse the result with Nokogiri or similar, meaning you could do something like this:

require 'nokogiri'
response = res.xpath("//ns203:assesData", "ns203" => "")
date = response.xpath("ns203:date", "ns203" => "")
amount = response.xpath("ns203:amount", "ns203" => "")
number = response.xpath("ns203:asesReference/ns203:number", "ns203" => "")

etc. etc. Ugly as sin of course, but hey it is an (untested or refined) alternative ;)

Good luck!

You can also try response.body. It returns a hash

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