I have successfully registered a REST API app wth Paypal but I am not sure if this is what I need or I need to create a CLASSIC API app from the same screen.

So far I have been testing in the sandbox, and the credentials I have been using follow this pattern:

"user" : "", 
"host" : "",
"port": "",
"client_id" : "ID",
"client_secret": "SECRET",

"classicAPI": {
"username" : "",
"password" : "PWD",
"signature" : "SIGNATURE",
"environment" : "production" 

What my code is trying to do is to create a subscription, calling the "SetExpressCheckout" and "CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile", but I get a "PaypalMissing token"error.

Am I doing it the right way, ie REST API and those credentials? Looks like since I'm using the ClassicAPI parameters shouldn't I be registering a CLASSIC app?

For clarification, I'm using NodeJs and this plugin

Thank you in advance


Express Checkout specifically would be using the classic API. I'd recommend sticking with that for now as the REST API is still very young and doesn't have all of the features tied in yet that the classic API provides.

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