Default font for project from asset folder

I have the following code in my Activity to change the font for some ViewGroup in a layout:

setFont("fonts/texgyreheros-regular-webfont.ttf", listBold, TypefaceStyle.Bold);

The definition of setFont is as follows:

private void setFont(string path, List<TextView> tTV, TypefaceStyle Type)
    Android.Content.Res.AssetManager mgr;
    mgr = Assets;
    Typeface font = Typeface.CreateFromAsset(mgr, path);
    for (int i = 0; i < tTV.Count; i++)
        tTV[i].SetTypeface(font, Type);

listBold is a List<TextView> which is populated by calling:


multiple times.

Is there any way to avoid this step by setting the default font in Android manifest.xml or somwhere else?


You can create a custom TextView with your font from assets.

public class TextViewWithFont : TextView {
    private const string FONT = "fonts/font.ttf";

    public TextViewWithFont(Context context) : base(context) {
        SetTypeface(Typeface.CreateFromAsset(context.Assets, FONT));

Then use this class in layout.


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