Apply function to each pixel of the image

Is there a method in OpenCV which takes an input matrix, an output matrix and a function, and applies this function to each pixel? E.g a function like "check value of pixel, if it's below a certain threshold, set it to 0, otherwise keep the value"

I know I can iterate myself over the pixels of a matrix and apply the function myself, just wondering if there is a function which would save me this work.


If performance is a concern, the following links might be of interest to you:

You can easily create an appropriate LUT if you work with gray scale images.

You can apply lambda function like this (assume for a gray-scale image):

std::for_each(mat.begin<uchar>(), mat.end<uchar>()
              , [](uchar& pixel) {  
                     /* do something with pixel */ 

But still, it's actually a loop.

Edit: You can use remap if you want to apply a generic geometrical transformation to an image.

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