AudioContext API can't use mediaStream

I have this working code to grab audio from the microphone:

  var audioContext = window.AudioContext ? new window.AudioContext() :
               window.webkitAudioContext ? new window.webkitAudioContext() :
               window.mozAudioContext ? new window.mozAudioContext() :
               window.oAudioContext ? new window.oAudioContext() :
               window.msAudioContext ? new window.msAudioContext() :

  navigator[getUserMedia]({audio:true}, function(stream) {
    media = audioContext.createScriptProcessor(stream);
    js = audioContext.createJavaScriptNode(BUFFER_LENGTH, 2, 2);
    js.onaudioprocess = function(e) { 

but when I tried to stop it, in Chrome works fine and in Firefox, I get an error that media.mediaStream.stop don't exists!!

Stoping code:


to quick fix I put a try catch and set the variables null, but I don't like off the fix! What can I do?


for starters createJavaScriptNode is deprecated, instead use createScriptProcessor this works :

var audio_context;

var BUFF_SIZE = 512; 

var microphone_data = {};

try {

  window.AudioContext = window.AudioContext || window.webkitAudioContext;
  audio_context = new AudioContext();
  console.log("cool audio context established");

} catch (e) {
  alert('Web Audio API is not supported by this browser and/or its current config\n');

function process_microphone_buffer(event) {

    var microphone_buffer = event.inputBuffer.getChannelData(0);   

    console.log('microphone_buffer.length ', microphone_buffer.length);

function on_error(e) {

function start_microphone() {

    microphone_data.microphone_stream = audio_context.createMediaStreamSource(microphone_data.media_stream);

    microphone_data.script_processor_node = audio_context.createScriptProcessor(BUFF_SIZE, 1, 1);

    microphone_data.script_processor_node.onaudioprocess = process_microphone_buffer;


    console.log('OK microphone stream connected');

function record_microphone() {    //   call this from your UI ... say a button

    if (! navigator.getUserMedia) {

        navigator.getUserMedia = navigator.webkitGetUserMedia || navigator.mozGetUserMedia;


        {audio: true},

        function(stream) {

            microphone_data.media_stream = stream;


function stop_microphone() {  //  call this from ... say a button

    microphone_data.script_processor_node.onaudioprocess = null;

    console.log('... microphone now stopped')    ;

take care

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