Unable to get value of the property 'split': object is null or undefined

Newbie to HTML here. Using IE9, I'm getting the Error on Page Unable to get value of the property 'split': object is null or undefined. The selected code section is

var     retDate = null
var     oscriptDateString = form._1_1_56_1.value
if ( oscriptDateString != '?' )
var     temp = oscriptDateString.split( '/' )
var     temp2 = temp[ 3 ].split( ':' )  //Getting Error Here
var     yearX = parseInt( temp[ 1 ] )
var     monthX = parseInt( temp[ 2 ] ) - 1
var     dayX = parseInt( temp2[ 0 ] )
var     hourX = parseInt( temp2[ 1 ] )
var     minuteX = parseInt( temp2[ 2 ] )
var     secondX = parseInt( temp2[ 3 ] )
retDate = new Date( yearX, monthX, dayX, hourX, minuteX, secondX )
return retDate

It only returns this error when the field is blank. Otherwise works fine. Am I missing something?


You are reading from a field called _1_1_56_1

var     oscriptDateString = form._1_1_56_1.value

You then split this field, and name the result temp

var     temp = oscriptDateString.split( '/' )

If your temp is empty/null/undefined, because the above assignment failed (because the field was empty or it contained no slash...

temp[ 3 ].split( ':' )

Then temp here will be undefined. You can't call the fourth element (third position) of nothing.

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