AngularJS custom directives not working when using ng-include "Object #<Scope> has no method"

So I decided after much debate, to split my webpage into two parts, one for ie7 and another for ie8+. I have many

<!-- if lte ie7---> 

scattered around, and I just want to separate the html as much as possible. Sure it's heavier maintenance, but whatev.

So as I moved my html content from the main.html to submain.html, I noticed one of my custom directives wasn't working.

Note: All my javascript gets loaded AFTER I load the html content.

I have a directive called ng-map, where if this attribute appears on any div with an ID, it'd call mapquest to fill in the div with an interactive map. Currently this works.

However, if I move the directive:

<div ng-map id="map"></div>

out of main.html and place it into submain.html and add this in my main.html:

<div ng-include="'view/submain.html'">

it doesn't work, even though my submain.html loads properly.

It gives me the error: "Error: Object # has no method 'initMap'"

This is what my directive looks like:'ngMap', ['logger', '$http', function (logger, $http) {
    var directiveDefinitionObject = {
        restrict: 'A',
        controller: function link($scope, $element) {
            $scope.shouldMapLoadOnPageLoad = true;

            $scope.loadCodeAndMap =
                function () {
                    var key = {...};
                    var script = document.createElement('script');
                    script.type = 'text/javascript';
                    script.src = "" + key;
            $scope.initMap = function () {
    return (directiveDefinitionObject);

Any help in understanding what is happening here is appreciated.


Okay figured it out, but I don't have complete understanding.

When I load up my html content, controller, and directives, I was able to call the $scope.initMap function located in my directive from a $watch on my controller.

So this worked:


$scope.$watch('blahData', function(newVal, oldVal) {


$scope.initMap = function() { .. }

however, when I change my html to load via ajax (which I assume that's what ng-include does to fetch the html from a location, you need to change the above logic.

So the previous html goes from this:

    <!-- Stuff -->        


    <!-- More Stuff --> 


    <!-- Stuff -->        

    <!-- Home.html has <div>Hello!</div> -->
    <div ng-include="'Template/Home.html'" />

    <!-- More Stuff --> 

Then the controller becomes something like this:

$scope.initMap = false; //not a function anymore
$scope.$watch('blahData', function(newVal, oldVal){
    $scope.initMap = !$scope.initMap;

and the directive becomes:

$scope.$watch('$scope.initMap', function() { ... }

So the directive now watches the data happening from the controller. Now, if your directive doesn't include scope: '=' for the directive options, then you have to access the controller scope as a parent:

$scope.$watch('$scope.$parent.initMap, function() { ... }

that's because scope: '=' binds the local $scope on the directive to the parent scope (the controller).

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