Audio Stream from Electric Guitar Into Android device

I'm looking for a way to connect electric guitar to my android device and capture audio as an input byte stream.

For that purpose I need some device (call it converter) that will convert analog signal that comes outta guitar (or some guitar effect , doesn't matter... ) into digital signal.

Once it's done I need somehow to deliver digital signal from that converter into android device so I could read the byte stream and process the sound ...

I was googling for weeks before I've posted this question , please share your knowledge with me.


I cannot occupy the earphones input , because I want to plug in actual earphones to hear myself this is not an option.


Most Android devices have a headphone/microphone combo jack, as you have seen. You can use this input and headphones simultaneously. It's easy enough to build an adapter.

If you don't feel like making something yourself, buy a 3.5mm TRRS to RCA cable online. These are commonly sold as camcorder accessories. Then buy an adapter for the RCA back to a headphone jack. For the remaining RCA plug, buy an RCA to 1/4" plug adapter and plug that into your guitar. The impedance and levels will be off, so you may have to experiment, but it should work.

Once you have done this, you can use the regular input methods available to you for Android.

Hopefully, more Android devices will support USB Audio soon so you can get better quality. For now, the only input you can use just about everywhere is the external microphone input on the headphone jack.

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