Silverlight functionality not working on Mac

I have an application built in silverlight and it has a functionality that uploads an excel file and an image file on individual button clicks. When I open the app on windows (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome) - it works smoothly.

When I open the same application on Mac, this functionality (image and excel upload) fails.

  1. Button_1 to Upload Image - I do get the file dialog box, I select the file, but when I say Ok, I do not get any errors, but the image upload does not work (I do not see the image uploaded)
  2. Button_2 to Upload Excel - I do get the file dialog box, I select the file but when I say Ok (Error message: Excel is already open but I have checked numerous times... Excel is closed)

This error I am getting is only on Mac Machines... On all windows machines, it works smoothly

Silverlight Version - 5.1.302, Mac - 10.7.5, Browser - Safari - 6.1.1

Any clues?


I have found solution for this. We need to make some security changes in the Safari settings. Following are the steps I tried and things working fine. 1. Open Safari 2. Open desired application where you have issue 3. Click Safari from Top Menu Go to Preferences  Security  Internet Plug-ins ( Click on Manage Website Settings ) 4. Left Window locate Silverlight and select it. 5. After selecting Silverlight  On right side window  You will see “website you have opened” and a dropdown  From Dropdown  Select  Allow Always and Run in Unsafe Mode 6. You will be prompted with some warning message – so that is ok… Say Ok and then click Done.

  1. Close Safari completely – Make sure Safari browser is closed completely.

  2. Open New Safari browser instance and launch application. Since I am running application in secure network - running application in unsafe mode do not cause any security level issues.

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