Case statement in where clause with "not equal" condition

This is just a very simple version of my actual query and I'd like to know how I can write just one query instead of two for the following select?

 If @ShowZero = 0 
     Select Value From Metrics 
     Select Value From Metrics Where Value <> 0

I have tried something as

  Select Value From Metrics Where Value = Case @ShowZero = 0 then Value Else (here I'm stuck).

@ShowZero is a flag of 0 and 1.

Thank you!


You don't need a case for this:

Select Value
From Metrics 
Where @ShowZero = 0 or Value <> 0;


This works, because, uhh, that is how boolean logic works. In other words, if you did a logic table for your expression, it would look like:

@ShowZero    Value       Action
   0           0         Show row
   0         other       Show row
 other         0         Filter out row
 other       other       Show row

There are multiple ways to express this. The if statement is one of them. You could say: "I'm going to show a row unless @ShowZero is not 0 and value is 0". The where clause would be:

where not (@ShowZero <> 0 and Value = 0)

Alternatively, you could say: "I'm going to show a row when either of the following is true:

  • @ShowZero = 0
  • Value <> 0

If both are true great! I'll still show the row." This is the where clause that I used.

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