Updating a <script> element on form submission

I'm using Stripe for payment processing, which uses an inline <script></script> within a <form> element, like so:

<form action="" method="POST" id="payButton" style="display:none;">
    src="https://checkout.stripe.com/checkout.js" class="stripe-button"
    data-name="Sample Name"
    data-description="We use Stripe for 100% secure payment processing."
    data-email="THIS IS WHAT I'D LIKE TO CHANGE"

This form is step 2 of a two-part validation. The first gets a user's info, like name, email address, location and saves it to my server. Once this happens, this Stripe form is opened.

Inside the script, there's an option for data-email. This auto-fills a user's email address and I'd like to update this based on a user's input in step 1 of the form.

Using Javascript or jQuery, is it possible to achieve this?

Something along the lines of:

  var email = $('#form1 #email').val();
  $('#payButton script').attr('data-email', email);

Possible duplicate of this question which didn't have a proper resolution and is 3 yeas old: jQuery > Update inline script on form submission


The answer was, hilariously/stupidly, in the question - thanks to @probackpacker, who got me to test the dummy code that I posted as an example of what wouldn't work. It actually did work:

  var email = $('#form1 #email').val();
  $('#payButton script').attr('data-email', email);

This correctly targets the <script> tag and lets you change the attributes.

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