Are you allowed to pass extra data in a WCF service as part of the post data?

I'm trying to send objects which are serialised as JSON to my WCF service. The thing is, though, some of the data from my android isn't needed on the service side, so I didn't add the attributes. I was wondering how I'd be able to have it so it can lack the attributes but still receive it?

So, in my android, I have JSON like this {"buiildings":{"id":1, "name":"boob", "otherThing":"Ya"}} and my Building object in WCF only has the id and name as attributes, so it only expects them. Can I have it so it just ignores the other attribute?


Yes, You can pass as many as extra attribute in JSON object. it will not give any error at WCF side. but you are not able to use these extra attribute as it is not define in Building object in WCF.

But i suggest do not to pass extra attribute because it will increase request size, and cause effect on performance.

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