Keeping all columns in a single table vs keeping in separate table by category of data

I've a mysql table "login" with columns name, userid, pass, email. and another table "info" with columns bio, skills, searchingfor, badge, likes, age

here, the 1st table is used to check login... and the rest is used for storing personal info of an user. but i have a search box where people can search user according to everything except bio & pass. I'm having problem joining the results from two tables so is it ok to put all in one table or is there a simplier way?

and if i put everything in a table would it be heavier for mysql queries to search if the database gets lots of data?


There is no higher load on your mysql server if you combine both tables. This is a valid idea, since it appears that you have a 1:1 relationship anyway, so the code get's easier. Actually the load will be lower, since you do not need a join which is actually very slow in relational database management systems. The performance (load) just depends on your indexes and filter requirements, but that is independent of whether you search in one or two tables.

On the other hand: there is no reason why you should not be able to join those tables as required. So maybe you want to solve your issue here first. And be it just to learn how to do do it ;-)

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