Core Data: Import values from old database

I'm upgrading the current version of a dictionary app. The new version of the database has new schema and is prepopulated with new data.

However, there is a single attribute value I would like to add from the user's version of the database for about 12000 records found in 3 of the entities.

Edit: These are values that were created throughout use of the app, so I can't simply overwrite the previous database. I was hoping it was possible to load the new database, and then update certain values using data from the user's version.

How should I do this?

I need to load two versions of the dictionary with different model versions into memory and transfer across. Is this right?


  1. You need to perform a core data lightweight migration. check for a tuto on the web if required - very simple
  2. You can save with your project an sqlite or xml (depend on size of data) with data to be updated - OR - you can download from a web service of your own, the required updates.

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