Status of System.Json in .Net 4.5

MSDN talks about a System.Json namespace in .Net 4.5 (although it says 'preview only').

I can't find it anywhere in 4.5 though, it's not in System.Runtime.Serialization as mentioned on MSDN - was it removed from the release?

The doc appears to match a package that's on Nuget, but it's labeled beta and you can only find it by specifying the version on the commandline (Install-Package System.Json -Version 4.0.20126.16343).

Will these classes make it into the framework/will they be supported?

I know about other json libaries on .net but I'd prefer to have one in the framework (/in the future).


FWIW, since I was quite comfortable with the System.Json API, I took the port from Mono, fixed some bugs and put it on Nuget:

Creating a JsonObject is a simple as

new JsonObject
  { "foo", 1 },
  { "bar", ";)" },

The package also includes Hjson but you can ignore the Hjson types if you don't need them.

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