How to parse log4net log-files?

I am using log4net for logging. Is there any straightforward way to parse result files?


Why not save log entries to CSV or XML in the first place?

You have full control of the output log file in terms of layout and fields so you can specify one format you can then parse afterwards.

in general my approach is to have a human readable syntax in the log file and to use another appender enabled as well to store in the database information I can then query later, having everything in the db is handy because it's easy to query and comes "already" formatted with no need to parse it manually...

Log4View is a useful tool in these kinds of situations.


Hi, my log4net.Ext.Json is now ready for testing. You can use it with nxlog's xm_json parse_json() or with logstash. I think JSON offers a good compromise between humans and machines with regards to readability and volume. I'm pouring it all into elasticsearch then and view with kibana.

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