AngularJS initialise backendless testing

I have AngularJS + RequireJS app. My task is to create a backendless version for UI development purposes. So a version where some/all HTTP requested are mocked. The desired user flow is:

  1. User goes to /debug to initialise a backendless version.
  2. User can use the app with HTTP requests being mocked.

I'm trying to use ngMockE2E.$httpBackend. But I can't find any information on how to inject it into already bootstrapped app. Following most of googled examples I'm trying to create a new module and bootstrap that one:

(function(ng, mod, _, $, undefined){
    'use strict';$httpBackend) {

}(angular, angular.module('rexBackendless', ['rex', 'ngMockE2E']), _, jQuery));

angular.bootstrap(document, ["rexBackendless"]);

But this gives me "Error: ng:btstrpd App Already Bootstrapped with this Element". Any ideas on how to develop this task?


Drop the call to bootstrap():

var app = angular.module('rexBackendless', ['rex', 'ngMockE2E']);$httpBackend) {
    // ...

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