jQuery isotope issue

I've added jQuery isotope into my website. Page seems to work fine in Chrome, but in firefox it shows 2 columns, leaving wierd blank space in third column. You can check the page with problem at this link: http://demo.webdezyner.com/flatshop/index.php/catalog/category/view/s/living-room/id/22/

I've included jQuery and isotope js file, and have added this code in the page under script tag:

        var $container = jQuery('.products-grid');
          duration: 250,
          itemSelector: '.item',
          resizable: true,
          layoutMode : 'fitRows'

I've tried changing attributes in css files, but to no avail. Please help me locate this problem.


it works fine in my firefox browser.

Im running Firefox version 27.0

Have you looked at the debugging console in firefox? Any errors?

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