Emacs automatically visit tag table

Is there a way to configure emacs so that whenever I open a file under a certain path it will automatically search (and in case load) a TAGS file in a part of the path? So for instance when opening

/usr/src/foo/baz/bar.c.It will load

/usr/src/foo/TAGS file?


I'd suggest you going through this wiki. There is a good example of doing the same with etags (Auto refresh of the tags file) (which I won't post here), but hopefully it's no so hard to make it work for ctags.

Check out this package http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EtagsTable It's available on MELPA and does exactly what you want.


The point is in this case, a little bit elisp code is more versatile, I've been using this solution for two years.

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