reading a file into Qt

I wrote a Program in Qt 5.2.1 that writes some data into a file and now I want to read it and display it. ( in a text edit or any other widget)

Here is my code ( the part I thought is relevant ) -

But i don't get the desires result ... could you look into it and tell me what i an doing wrong

void MainWindow::on_Search_clicked()
   QString name ;
   name = ui->Search_name->text();

   QFile readfile("data.txt");
       qDebug() << "error opening file: " << readfile.error();

   QTextStream instream(&readfile);
   QString line = instream.readLine();

   // ui->text is a QPlainTextEdit*



You should use

void QPlainTextEdit::appendPlainText ( const QString & text ) [slot]

method, link.

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