When to use denodeify/nfbind vs nfcall/ninvoke

I'm working with Mongoose, and I'd like to use a promise approach with the Q library.

Not sure when to use the various methods nfcall,nfinvoke or wrap the APIs with denodeify/nfbind


var p = Q.when(User.findOne({login: 'johndoe'}).exec());

Or Something like:

Q.ninvoke(User, 'findOne', '{login:"johndoe"}').then(...)

Or wrapping the API like:

'use strict';

    //pUser.js Q/promise wrapper
    var Q = require('q'),
    mongoose = require('mongoose'),
    User = mongoose.model('User');

    exports.findOne = function() {
    return Q.denodefiy(User.findOne);

    //and then use like:
    var pUser = require('pUser');

    pUser.findOne({...}).then(function(user) { ... });

I've also seen approaches like this which wrap every method with an nfbind or something similar



Mongoose (at least in the last year or so) already returns promises that are Promises/A+ spec complaint.

You don't need to wrap them in Q promises unless you have to. Q, being promises/A+ complaint itself will gladly consume these promises and interop with them for you.

You can, for example use Q.all on three calls of find(...).exec().

     User.find({route: foo}).exec(), // Q will detect that the values are 'thenable'
     User.find({route: bar}).exec(), // and will automatically assimilate them into a 
     User.find({route: baz}).exec()  // Q promise on its own. No explicit action needed.
     // access results.

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