How to copy a URL in Lynx without using the mouse

I am using Ubuntu 12.04. I want to copy a URL in Lynx without using the mouse. The URL should be copied to the clipboard. I have tried using Ctrl+A, Ctrl+K, but it does not get copied to the clipboard.


well if you don't mind complicated stuff, you can do this if you open lynx inside a screen, do:

  • ctrl-A Escape,
  • arrows to get to the start of the url
  • enter to start selection
  • arrows to get to the end of the url
  • enter to end selection and push it into screen's buffer
  • paste it into a shell using control-]
  • and do echo "that paste" | xclip -selection clipboard

maybe using w3m or lynx you can pipe a selection of text into xclip, but that's far from being sure.

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