Edit and Continue generating phantom errors

I am attempting to debug a program in vs2013 using edit and continue. I compile and run the program, hit enter to add a new line, then choose apply code changes. When it attempts to compile using edit and continue, i get the prompt saying that edits were made which cannot be compiled. To be clear, i did nothing to add a new line. Here are the vitals: VS2013 IDE running program written in vs2010 and is compiling with the vs2010 compiler set in project settings. Version 12.0.30110.00 Update 1 C++/MFC Win32

Eanble Edit and Continue - Check Native-Only Enable native Edit and Continue - Check Invoked by debug commands - check Ask first - check Warn about stale code - check Relink code changes after debugging - Check Allow precompiling - check Enable while debugging an app running under other user account - NOT CHECKED.

any ideas?


Can you try upgrading the Platform Toolset (I would guess from v100 to v120)? If that fails, can you give me more details? - does this happen for every project or a particular one? - what is the full message you are getting? - are there any errors/warnings in Error List and Output windows? - is the right debug engine used? (you can verify this by looking in the Output window: with native EnC enabled: 'MSTest.exe': Loaded 'C:\Temp\MSTest\Debug\MSTest.exe', Symbols loaded. without: 'MSTest.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\Temp\MSTest\Debug\MSTest.exe'. Symbols loaded.

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