Webservice returning byte array

I have a webservice that gets a list of byte[] from the db. I want to be able to return all the values. How do I return a byte[].

        public List<fgrTemplate> StudentVerifications()
            List<fgrTemplate> listOfFgrTemp = new List<fgrTemplate>();
            SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand("SELECT Template FROM tblFingerprint", cn);
            SqlDataReader sr = com.ExecuteReader();
            while (sr.Read())
                fgrTemplate fingerprint = new fgrTemplate()
                    ID = sr.GetInt32(0),
                    StudentID = sr.GetInt32(1),
                    Description = sr.GetString(2)
                    Template = sr.GetByte??

            return listOfFgrTemp;



Like this:

Template = (byte[])sr[3];


Template = (byte[])sr["Template"];

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