How do you configure Apache on Windows for SSL?

Apache just fails to start with NO error message when we try to reboot it after enabling the code for the ssl module.

NOTE: I was able to use OpenSSL to generate a request and have a legit wildcard certificate in place and referenced in the httpd.conf


Apache on Windows writes to the Windows Event Log when it fails to start, rather than ErrorLog. Did you check in Event Viewer?

Need Your Help

How to implement a simple to do list using a listview?

android android-listview android-fragments

I'm trying to implement a simple to do list using this solution Add user input into a ListView on button click, but when I implement the onCreate of the solution I get the following errors http://

C fscanf unexpectedly pulling content from next line

c scanf

EDIT: OK I found the embarrassing mistake. My description array wasn't big enough for that line...