Using iOS 6 theme for iOS 7 app

I am curious: is there a way to set an iOS 7 app to run with the old fashion iOS 6 visual appearance? I am aware of the UIAppearance protocol but setting the appearance for each individual element seems to be a bit of hassle.


Update: It is no longer possible to upload apps targeting the iOS6 SDK.

Short answer: Compile with SDK6, while it is still possible. Eventually, Apple will deny this, however.

If you are feeling adventurous, try: [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] registerDefaults:@{ @"UIUseLegacyUI": @YES }];

(Don't submit your apps with this, however.)

I've tested an old app that I submitted to app store 2 years ago that compiled with iOS 6, before they introduced iOS7. I can confirm that the answer I picked was not entirely correct.

When running on iOS 7 device, the app I made for iOS 6 was a mix of both - 50% looking like iOS 6, 50% like iOS 7. It was compiled with xCode 4.3 or something, with base SDK being iOS 6.

For example, the toolbar and tab bar look like iOS 6, while the alert view looks like iOS 7.

The app that I made was called Social Comics in case you want to have a look yourselves. I made this app not long after I graduated and haven't update it for 2 years so don't laugh if it looked dated...

Compiling with SDK6 in XCode 5 won't help you much. You'll still get the iOS 7 look if you won't customize it your self to look like iOS6. Check my answer here:

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