How to update Rails version on shared hosting server

I have shared hosting server on and there is Ruby installed version 1.9 but it supports Rails 3 version and I am learning Rails 4.0.1. I talked with server support but got no answer.

So question is is there any way I can deploy Rails 4 application on my server or I will switch some other server.

As I told I am learner and can't afford money. Big rock is cheapest server I have seen. Yes I know there is Heroku but there are too many limitations for free user and for premiere user it is costly.


You can use Rails 4 if your ruby version is 1.9.3+

Rails Documentation says

Ruby 2.0 preferred; 1.9.3+ required

Include rails version in your Gemfile.

For example

gem 'rails', '4.0.1'

Rails 4 prefers Ruby 2.0

The best way is install your own ruby 2 by Ruby Version Manager (RVM) if you can

\curl -sSL | bash -s stable
rvm install 2

An other way is buy a cheap VPS like 15$/year or $5/month

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