Moq EF 6 DBSet, Setup FirstOrDefault method

I would like testing private method. When I setup FirstOrDefault method Moq thrown Exception. In my algorithm, I want check that, does my method properly create new objects. See my code below.

var data = new List<TypeValue>();

var typeValueMockSet = new Mock<DbSet<TypeValue>>();

    .Setup(m => m.GetEnumerator())

//throw the Error => Expression references a method that does not belong to the mocked object:
// m => m.FirstOrDefault<TypeValue>(It.IsAny<Expression`1>())
    .Setup(m => m.FirstOrDefault(It.IsAny<Expression<Func<TypeValue, bool>>>()))

    .Setup(m => m.Add(It.IsAny<TypeValue>()))
    .Returns((TypeValue vt) => vt)
    .Callback((TypeValue vt) => data.Add(vt));

var mockContext = new Mock<EngineeringWorkEntities>();
mockContext.Setup(m => m.TypeValues).Returns(typeValueMockSet.Object);

int counter = 0;
    .Setup(m => m.SaveChanges())
    .Callback(() => data
        (item) => 
            item.Id = counter;

IMakro makroDateGenerate = new MakroDataGenerate(mockContext.Object);

var pObj = new PrivateObject(makroDateGenerate);

int r1 = (int)pObj.Invoke("GetTypeValueId", "0,2% k/k");        //2 


You cannot mock FirstOrDefault because it is an extension method. It doesn't belongs to List<T> or anything else.

You cannot test private methods other than by using Reflection in the unit tests. This is very cumbersome. You should test the public interface anyway.

Either make the method public or internal. If you make it internal, you can allow the unit test project to see it by the use of the InternalsVisibleToAttribute.


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