Access Database not updating with OleDb

Here's my update method

public void Update(string query, List<OleDbParameter> parameters)
            OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand();
            OleDbTransaction transaction = null;
            query = "UPDATE " + query;

            foreach (OleDbParameter parameter in parameters)


            transaction = _connection.BeginTransaction();
            cmd.Connection = _connection;
            cmd.CommandText = query;
            cmd.Transaction = transaction;
            int linesUpdated = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();



Full class

 public class DBAdapter
        private OleDbConnection _connection;

        private void _Connect()
            this._connection = new OleDbConnection();
            _connection.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[1].ConnectionString;

        private void _Disconnect()

        public void Update(string query, List<OleDbParameter> parameters)


When I launch my application, this works well :

  1. I select user by id
  2. I store data in an object, I display the user's name. Then I modify user's name property.
  3. I save it to database
  4. I select again the same user
  5. I display again the user's name : value displayed was changed, so the update method works.

But when I close my app and launch it again, It displays me the old value, then the new value, like I didn't make any changes. What's wrong with my code ?

EDIT : I found the problem. My .mdb file is located in //Assets/Database/, when I run my app, the file is copied in bin/Debug/assets/Databases/. How should I update the original file ?

EDIT (2) : Solved! Can I commit changes to actual database while debugging C# in Visual Studio?


just you can change path of connection string to update you'r original file but i dont recommend you i recommend you to right click on original file in solution explorer and select properties and set "Copy to out put directory" to "Copy if newer"

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