Wait until logout is done

Controller in my default route gets executed after I logout. For loginG out I am just calling a server route using $http.post. As the thing is async, execution continues to go to my default route '\' but I don't want controller of my default route to execute until logout is complete. How can I create a link between logout and my controller? I know I can use promise to wait for Logout but this would be only in the function where I am calling logout. How can I wait in my controller for logout to finish?

Will appreciate any help. Thanks.


Promises let you add a handler to their completion that's chainable:

// inside your controller action causing the log out:

   // here you're logged out, the promise has its value
   $location.href = "/"; // change route

Note: you can also wait in your router, but I assume from your question you'd like to avoid that.

Note2: I'd extract membership into a service.

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