Can I rollback a SVN commit that deleted then added files to a different path so that I can do a SVN move instead?

We have lost the history on some of our files because we did a SVN delete, then a SVN add to a different folder. I know that SVN sometimes seems to have a bit of a problem when you add a file that previously existed. I am not sure if the same is true with the SVN move. Does anyone have any experience with this?

This is the problem that I remembered. It seems that it is only a problem with folders. Not with files. But that might still present a problem for me seeing as the initial SVN DELETE -> SVN ADD created new folders.



svn co -r <old_rev>

where old_rev is revision before your change

Then proceed with what you need to do and

svn ci

If merge is needed, then accept all the changes you performed.

Its not the same SVN move is equivalent to SVN copy and SVN delete, in the SVN move case the files share their history with the original ones.

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