How can I calculate the bounding box corners for a group of xy coordinates?

I have a group of xy coordinates. For example:

10, 34
20, 45
20, 50
10, 20
10, 56

How can I calculate the bounding box corners for that coordinates?


To get the bounding box with sides parallel to the XY-axes you simply need to find the min/max of all the x and y koordiantes:

minx = min(xcoords);
maxx = max(xcoords);
miny = min(ycoords);
maxy = max(ycoords);

The bounding box has corners in (minx, miny), (minx, maxy), (maxx, maxy), (maxx, miny).

The following Wikipedia page offers some insights on algorithms used to find the minimum oriented bounding rectangle (2D) and box (3D):

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