How to create a non-stackable widget grid?

There are a lot of jQuery plugins to create grids where we can place widgets inside : - gridster - gridly - maybe others ?

All of them are stacking the widgets either horizontally or vertically. What I want to do is to have a 'free grid' where I can place widgets independently.

To have a better understanding, here are some 'drawings' :

[x]: occupied grid slot
[ ]: empty grid slot

This is what plugins like gridster and gridly are doing. They are stacking vertically, placing something like the [o] is not possible because there is nothing under.

[x][x][x][ ]
[x][ ][x][ ]
[ ][ ][x][ ]
[ ][ ][ ][o]

What I want to do. Here we can place items where we want.

[ ][ ][x][ ]
[ ][x][ ][x]
[ ][ ][ ][x]
[x][ ][x][ ]

What is the best way to achieve that ?


Ok, for those who are searching an angular module to achieve that there is the great angular-gridster which is based on the gridster jQuery plugin. Very configurable and works perfectly.

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