jQuery does not .focus

I have a jQuery toggle div that appears onclick of the link.

<p><a id="slick-toggle1" href="#">Yes, enroll me today!</a></p> 

<div id="login"> 
<!--#include virtual="LoginPopup.asp"--> 

in LoginPopup.asp i can not get the focus to go to the first field of username

$(document).ready(function() { 


$('a#slick-toggle1').click(function() { 
return false; 

//#SecLoginP is ID of form 

$("#SecLoginP :input:visible:enabled:first").focus(); 


when the toggled DIV appears, i can see the cursor in the field, but when it finishes loading, it dissapears...?

any ideas?


That shouldn't actually call focus on the underlying HTML element.


$('#SecLoginP ...').get(0).focus();

This is confusing, but $(elem).focus() triggers the focus events bound on the element, rather than hitting the actual HTML element's focus method.

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