What is a fast, easy to use, customizable way to record a video from a user's webcam and store it that works in all browsers?

I'm planning on making a MVC5 application that has the functionality to record a 2 second video from a user's webcam and store it in a separate storage.

I have done some searching but cannot find a clear way on how to collect a video from a webcam. Some options that I found are via Flash (e.g, Red5 recorder), SilverLight or jQuery webcam plugin. The latter only seems to record images, SilverLight seems a bit of a hassle and Red5 seems to fill my needs.

I also found some C# frameworks with might be best since it will be a MVC5 application. Maybe Expression Encoded or AForge.NET are good choices?

My goal it to collect two seconds video's of users where the user can control when it starts recording and when it finishes. If good means that it is easy to use, customizable and that it has a fast performance, then what is according to you a good way to accomplish this?


Ended up using ScriptCam with S3 bucket. Works well, but is not free (50 EUR license) if you have a lot of visitors (50+ per day) or a commercial website. It is not customizable apart from the defined JavaScript parameters since it is written in flash. But like I said it does work and I am happy that it is available.

From my search I have concluded there is not yet a way to access webcam via HTML/JavaScript without Flash or SilverLight which works in all modern browsers without using a third-party plugin.

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